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  Bardofbyte's Page
Here Richard Fein has placed over fifty of his poems. I particularly enjoyed The Stone Gatherer, All Night Talk Radio and Jazzman's Nature. Some of his works are also to be found at the Unlikely Stories site.

This is a bi-monthly online poetry magazine edited by Rebecca Page. Apart from the work of numerous contributing poets (many of whom are Australian), it has a nice regular competition, in which readers are given a title and challenged to improvise a poem. Have a go yourself.
John Birkbeck's Homepage
John Birkbeck (Iowa City, U.S.A.) came to be poet late in life, after a varied and fascinating series of careers. Read all about him at his site, which also lists all the places he has been published. There are two of John's chap-books online, too, for you to explore, at

Daniel Boyer's Pages
Daniel Boyer (Houghton, Michigan, U.S.A.) has been active in surrealism since 1992, having discovered the writings of André Breton in 1987. Part of VAPA (the Internet Colony for Visual and Performing Artists), his Web pages have examples of Daniel's art together with details of where he has exhibited.

  Kittyfeather Press

Kittyfeather Press publishes a series of occult novels for women written by Pulitzer Prize nominee Laura Stamps. "Entertaining Novels and Novellas for Pagans, Wiccans, Goddess-Worshippers, Artists, Poets, and Cat-Lovers!"

  Michael LaRocca's Page

English Stuff, World Stuff, Fun Stuff, Studying — these are the sections of the site.  Michael and his wife teach English in China, so English Stuff and Studying have the main emphasis.  You don't have to live in China, though, to benefit from the wealth of helpful material here.

The Poet Les Murray
Widely regarded as Australia's greatest living poet and one of the finest half-dozen poets writing in English anywhere, Les Murray now has a Web site devoted to him. Maintained by an admirer in England (Jason Clapham), but with Les' express permission, this site contains up-to-date news about his recent work, together with several short poems in full — including one or two as yet unpublished ones. There is also information on books and articles about Les' life and poetry.

Princess Cafe
A virtual café run by Diane E. Dees and her feline friend Princess. Though this site concentrates on menus, Diane is also a prolific author of stimulating and award-winning essays and stories (published in many places round the Web), all of which you can access from her café.

  Project Gutenberg of Australia
Run by Col Choat (Mt. Colah, N.S.W., Australia), who aptly characterises it as "a treasure-trove of literature", this Web site is designed for those keen on Australian literature and historical documents. Particularly interesting is the selection of works by Australian authors or works about Australia that are available for copyright-free download. Works such as Louis Stone's Jonah, Steele Rudd's On Our Selection and Watkin Tench's Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson.

  John Scott Cree's Homepage
Englishman John Scott Cree calls himself a "comedy librarian, church goer, family man with 7 kids and a lifetime of cynicism".  His site reflects his varied interests and generously offers many freebies, including music and text.

A free writing course, six home-study tutorials with personal tutor (not free) — these and plenty more (over 200 subpages) are available from this wonderful Aussie site. It's run by Jennifer Stewart, an ex-teacher of high school English. For fun, why not add your own chapter to The Never-Ending Story? If you're game, that is.



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