Go, Little Bikwil
[ Issue 1 ]

'Go, Little Bikwil' fascinates Emily Bronto

Bikwil salutes 'Go, Little Bikwil'

Go, Little Bikwil

The poem Go, Little Bikwil by Bet Briggs not only ushers in Bikwil's inaugural issue, but also in its encouraging words epitomises the positive spirit of our magazine.  

"Go, little Bikwil, your own tale tell.  Come among friends."

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Go, Little Bikwil Bet Briggs



Chaucer, with humility,
in another age
sent forth his "litel bok",
"litel myn tragedye"
into the world.
Now, may our little book
likewise engage
and be understood.

Go, little Bikwil,
your own tale tell.
Come among friends.
Incline hearts and minds
of all who read you
to positive ends.

Go, little Bikwil,
do your work well.

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