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Issue 8

Camp Creative, Project Gutenberg, James Murray,Beethoven, Scanners and Divers all get Emily Bronto's applause

In this issue Bikwil features Camp Creative, Project Gutenberg, James Murray, Beethoven, Scanners and Divers

Contents of Issue 8 (July 1998)
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Manifesto of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palimpsests — Tony Rogers
A call for contributions to a further occasional series
Camp Creative '98, or I'll Take You Home Again, Antonio — Peter Mara
"I could taste the chords. One note would change and there would follow a flavour so rare, a perfume in the chord and in the next chord a new magic."
A choral neophyte enjoys himself "inside the music"
Web Line — Tony Rogers
Project Gutenberg
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop
"By the time he died, what unexpectedly turned out to be his life’s work had become (and remains) the pre-eminent accomplishment of English language lexicography — honoured as the supreme authority, held in awe, and loved the world over."
Part 1 of a tribute to Sir James Augustus Henry Murray (1837-1915), editor of the original Oxford English Dictionary
"The Most Sublime Noise" — Bet Briggs
Quintessential Quirky Quotes
Comic and Classic, from Everywhere and Everywhen
From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig
To scan or to dive?

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