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Issue 20

In Memory of Oscar, Clichés, Bread, Trivia, Australia's First Piano, Briefer History of Time, Ethelred and Etheldreda all get Emily Bronto's applause

In this issue Bikwil features Australia's First Piano, Bread, Briefer History of Time, Clichés, Ethelred and Etheldreda, In Memory of Oscar



Contents of Issue 20 (July 2000)
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"Let Therefore the Next Friendly Contributor . . . Write Secretly . . ." — Tony Rogers
Our editor’s quest for quietly enthusiastic input goes on
In Memory of Oscar — Joan Willmott-Clarke
"I was soon to realise that it was Oscar's soft whine that unsettled the animals.  They could hear it long before we approached them."
Nostalgia for a beloved steed
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop
Not exactly everything you wanted to know about clichés, but still plenty to be going on with
Bread — Bet Briggs
The poet extols the joys of her daily bread — words
Where Three Ways Meet — Bunty
"Share in the secret world of astronauts, bad musical genes, a big hill, Gilbert and Sullivan, Hamlet, the London Underground, shoes and traffic signals."
Eight magnificently useless pieces of information
Clavierübung — Tony Rogers
"Jane Campion’s The Piano brims with haunting cinematographic images . . . The instrument has just been landed with great difficulty, and as I recall the scene now I wonder how much antipodean trouble a certain other keyboard might have caused when it was brought ashore."
Our Memorable Moments in Music series continues with a piano story — with a few fifes and drums thrown in, not to mention hundreds of sheep
Web Line — Tony Rogers
Quintessential Quirky Quotes
Comic and Classic, from Everywhere and Everywhen
From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig
Some more about those ancient Ethels

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