Do You Remember?
[ Issue 23 ]

'Do You Remember?' intrigue(s) Emily Bronto

Bikwil is delighted to ask 'Do You Remember?'

Do You Remember?

In her poem Do You Remember? Lavinia Godfrey muses on the pleasures and pains of the past.  Childhood and adolescence ó where did they go?

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Do You Remember? ó Lavinia Godfrey



The baby lamb's woolly coat,
cold showers in summer,
heat that melted you,
seething at a high school dance because your love ignored you,
bubbles in the old wood copper,
soapy skin,
the ramís horns,
the warm cowís milk,
warm eggs,
broken birdís wings,
baby cockies feeding,
a foot wide water stream with water clean enough to drink,
tadpoles in a rock pond,
craybobs on a line,
Nan & Popís lifetales,
being embarrassed,
seeing a cloudburst,
thinking how absurd the old town drunk looked,
ó how high the sky was.

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