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Issue 24

News Hour, In March Time, Umbrella, Jazz, Anagrams, Station, Coins Puzzle, Off Beaten Egg all get Emily Bronto's applause

In this issue Bikwil features News Hour, In March Time, Umbrella, Jazz, Anagrams, Station, Coins Puzzle, Off Beaten Egg



Contents of Issue 24 (March 2001)
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“More Puzzled than the Egyptians in Their Fog” — Tony Rogers
Let’s hear it for perseverance and lateral thinking
Newsworthy — Tony Rogers
"Emphasising content instead of image, these debates are notable for their non-sensational and even-handed style, a tone not often achieved in Australian current affairs programmes, which never seem to allow an individual participant to have a full say without interruption"
American beauty
In March Time — Bet Briggs
A peak-hour dance
Interesting Origins — R.K. Sadler
Strange perhaps, but true — another in this stimulating series of derivations
Web Line — Tony Rogers
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop
Anagrams unite! (otherwise spelled “marinate Angus”, “Austrian mange”, “anaemia grunts”, “auntie’s ragman” or “migrant nausea”)
The Station — Lachlan Drysdale
"Sweat beads in silver speckles on his balding forehead and his heavy eyes squint to avoid the glare. On his lap he nurses a black briefcase on which his fingers drum a nervous tune of anticipation."
A railway platform briefly comes alive
To Phrase a Coin or Two — Tony Rogers
A puzzle solved
Quintessential Quirky Quotes
Comic and Classic, from Everywhere and Everywhen
From the Back Verandah — Fizzgig
"Things start changing for the better, however, when he is given flying lessons by a gang of twenty-seven renegade talking porkers, who remind him that 'if pigs can fly, so might fowls'"
Start your own rumour

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