Hymn to Dance
[ Issue 25 ]

Hymn to Dance captivates Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil unveil the charm of Hymn to Dance

Hymn to Dance

Bet Briggs' poem in praise of dancers and the dance Hymn to Dance entreats us to "Dance for love, for heartbreak and repair".

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Hymn to Dance Bet Briggs



Red is the colour of the dance:
corporeal, vital, immediate.
The dancer puts on red shoes
and seizes the moment,
responsive to its call:
Take a chance.
Make something happen.
And like a flower opening
to the first light of the sun,
tender and explicit as the moment,
the dancer, vulnerable in the light
of a stage or a room or a street,
wherever the red shoes chance,
taps into life life's pain and joy,
with the beat of red feet
gives answer to the question:
What am I here for?
For love! For love is the dance!
And the dancer in the red shoes,
fearless in the heat
and the heart of the dance,
with every beat of the feet
taps an invitation,
calls all the dancers,
all the beautiful feet:

Dance for love,
for heartbreak and repair.
As we collide in our colours
let us connect, make harmony of contrast,
together stride into peace;
life is joy and pain, is loss and gain,
only love will sustain,
only love will repair
the broken trust, the heart undone
when it bruises and bleeds.
Dance for love and we dance for life.
The moment seized, the red shoes dance
and hearts beat like the feet
with joy and in praise.
Blessed are the feet in red shoes.

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