Poem for Easter
[ Issue 26 ]

Poem for Easter brings Emily Bronto much happiness

Allow Bikwil to show you the pleasures of Poem for Easter

Poem for Easter

In her Poem for Easter, Bet Briggs describes a midnight scene on Good Friday.

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Poem for Easter — Bet Briggs



If I could write an Easter sonnet
it would not be about a bonnet
or a bunny or an egg. Why write
of them, when, near midnight
this Good Friday I have seen
the April moon, benign, serene,
companioned by the southern stars.
I looked beyond slim metal bars
fixed to my window, through the pane
saw the moon’s slow, tender wane
to half itself, but no less bright,
an upturned bowl, a cup of light.
For a moment I saw more than gloss:
through glass clearly moon became a cross.

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