Running for the 2:22
[ Issue 26 ]

Running fro the 2:22 captivates Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil introduce you to Running for the 2:22

Running for the 2:22

John Birkbeck's poem Running for the 2:22 describes an impatient young thing in the London Underground.

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Running for the 2:22 John Birkbeck



In London underground
you're breathless and
twitching for the next
train to sweep you away,
for the screech of brakes
every two minutes at most,
and you're wond'rous wild
in your velvet mini-minis
and pink feathered boa and
leather boots halfway crotchward,
tossing your half-smoked ciggie
into the face of a coming train,
an express all the way to Woking,
your long hair tossing like
the mane of a wild mare.

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