With Oranges
[ Issue 26 ]

With Oranges delights Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present With Oranges

With Oranges

The poem With Oranges is by Doug Tanoury and celebrates the erotic sight of the poet's love as she awakens in the morning.

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With Oranges — Doug Tanoury



I thought today of her awakening
Her movements a shadow
In the predawn darkness
A phantom floating
No more than a chimera of shape
A nude that Picasso might sketch
No more than a few sloping lines that curve
Toward soft inclines and rise gently
Toward feathered intersections
And fall toward full divergence
Backlit in silhouette from the bedroom window
Her breasts and buttocks
The simple elegance of lines in
Erotic waves and fluid motion

And as she moves near
I smell the citrus of orange slices
That is the fragrance and scent
That forms a perfumed wake as she passes
And the “sh” and “ch” sounds of her dressing
Are a bird’s wings flapping
A slight rustling of fabric
A finch in the shrub
I am the slave of her motion
The serf of her smells
The prisoner of her naked beauty
Who wakes each morning in
To the changing shape of curves
To the texture of delicate sound
And a still life with oranges

[ This poem appeared originally in The Inditer. ]

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