The Azimuth Suite
[ Issue 28 ]

Azimuth Suite captivates Emily Bronto

Bikwil is proud to feature Azimuth Suite

The Azimuth Suite

The Azimuth Suite by Bet Briggs consists of thee miniatures each exquisitely expressive.

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The Azimuth Suite Bet Briggs
[ From Her Poems for Azimuth ]




Music: as scintillating as stars,
joyful and affirming as dance,
vivid with images of time and place,
from dreamtime to ragtime,
now it soars, now softly falls,
tender with tones of love and of loss.


Something so lovely as this,
how can I enter it,
dare interrupt the flow,
become part of it?

Stay quiet. Listen. And wait.
The sore heart closed against pain,
in stillness can open again to receive.
Beauty and peace in stillness are born.


I wait in stillness and listen,
and soft as my breath,
with each inspiration,
this sound, this cascade
enters me, it enfolds me
in textures of grace.

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