Flying over a Beach in Sumbawa
[ Issue 28 ]

Beach in Sumbawa delights Emilly Bronto

Bikwil salutes Beach in Sumbawa

Flying over a Beach in Sumbawa

The poem Flying over a Beach in Sumbawa by Jason Clapham was inspired by a scene on an Indonesian island.

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Flying over a Beach in Sumbawa Jason Clapham



How close they are:

Their red blooms straining
on their stalks,

Reaching up like buoys fastened
to the seabed with fishing line:

Some made simply from supermarket
carriers and driftwood

others lovingly tailored
from salvaged scraps of nylon.

They are a species of eye
launched by the curious below

throwing their whole lives
into the air

[ Jason Clapham runs the Les Murray Web site,
and can be contacted at ]

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