To Belong
[ Issue 33 ]

To Belong captivates Emily Bronto

Bikwil is proud to feature To Belong

To Belong

The poem To Belong by Nicki Hoffman invites us simply to open our ears.

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To Belong Nicki Hoffman



listen to the many sounds
listen to the voices
listen to the rustle of
the grasses in the wind
listen to the whisper of
the souls of peoples passed
listen listen
listen to the voices
speaking in your mind
listen to the sighing of
the earth in searing pain
listen to the crying of
the eagle in its flight
listen to the howling of
the wolf in grand salute
listen listen
listen to your blood
flowing through your veins
listen to the rushing of
the waves upon the shore
listen to the singing of
the gulls along the coast
listen to the chirping of
the crickets in the trees
listen to the silence of
the snow on mountain peaks
Listen. Listen.
listen to the burning of
life's fire in everything
listen to the throbbing of
the rhythm of the earth
listen to the measure of
the rise and fall of life
listen to the many sounds
listen to the voices
listen to the beating of
your heart in sync with all.

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