To a Quince
[ Issue 33 ]

To Quince fascinates Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil unveil the charm of To Quince

To a Quince

The poem To a Quince by Jason Clapham is an ode to a "secret cousin of the rose".

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To a Quince Jason Clapham



O turgid antique
secret cousin of the rose
what name is hidden
deep in the tones
of your sun-soaked call?

You bring me the warm
jars I only just remember
lined up like specimens
of autumn light, you are
the crabapple parlour
the eye-level apron
hand picked berries
beneath white socked feet

Who named you? What
is Cydonia?
Who brought you here?
Did some passing Cretan
loaded with this fragrance
feel his homeland tug
at the other end of life
and let nostalgia
name a fruit for all

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