[ Issue 34 ]

Amen delights Emily Bronto

Let Bikwil unveil the charm of Amen


The poem Amen by Yvette Duncan offers some touching lines about a "golden-haired angel".

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Amen Yvette Duncan


And you slept.
With blue eyes closed and mouth relaxed
With a simple trust you slept.
Sleep on dear man
With golden threads of hair so soft
Against this, my hand, so soft your hair
You slept on
As I wondered as one only can
Just how many little one?
How many hands like mine have touched your head in love?
Saw you give in to sleep?
Saw you smile within your dreams?
You give yourself completely to so many hands
How many that you permitted one more, my own?
As you slept on unaware I kissed your forehead
As soft as a whisper, as soft as golden hair
For beneath my lips an angel lies there
Amen little man.

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