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Issue 34

Amen, Banned in China, Lord Berners, Kwizz Gig, Schwa, Tiger's Poems all get Emily Bronto’s applause

In this issue Bikwil features Amen, Banned in China, Lord Berners, Kwizz Gig, Schwa, Tiger's Poems



Contents of Issue 34 (November 2002)
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A Dozen to Be Going On with — Tony Rogers
Take up your pen and write. Please.
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like — Harlish Goop
"Spoken by more people on the planet than any other tongue except Chinese, English is often described as 'the international language', with those who require a second language invariably choosing (or being compelled) to learn it rather than any other."
Is the pronunciation of English anything to get stressed about?
Amen — Yvette Duncan
A touching poem from a new contributor.
Mary Bennet — Jennifer Paynter
Parts 5 and 6 of our serialised novella.
Web Line — Tony Rogers
Tiger’s Poems — Bet Briggs
Two pieces from her series about a furry friend.
A Bikwil Epitaph for an Extraordinary Musical Aristocrat, Part 2 — Tony Rogers
"Berners had taken his seat in the House of Lords in December 1923, and actually attended once or twice, but rejected Parliamentary Sessions as all too boring. When asked years later by Diana Mosley about his experiences he replied, 'I did go once, but a bishop stole my umbrella and I never went there again.'."
We continue our exploration of the strange life and times of Gerald Tyrwhitt, a.k.a. Lord Berners.
Quintessential Quirky Quotes
Comic and Classic, from Everywhere and Everywhen
From the Back Verandah —Fizzgig
Behold: the solution to Kwizz Gig 2.

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