Say Love Now
[ Issue 37 ]

Say Love Now captivates Emily Bronto

For your reading pleasure Bikwil gives you Say Love Now

Say Love Now

Bet Briggs' poem Say Love Now reminds us that "love not told . . . is love withheld."


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Say Love Now Bet Briggs



Love not told
to them we love
by word or deed
is love withheld

Unsaid I care I love
is care ungiven
love locked inside
heart made inarticulate.

Say it now: to wait
is to deny the word
that swells the heart.

Say it now: delay
will only cause regret
and no one gains.

Denial and delay
mean anguish unresolved,
tears will not wash away the hurt
when caring comes too late.

Time present is a gift
too vital to forgo
too precious to lament
our forsaking it.

Say love now and let
the heart be eloquent.

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