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Issue 38

Arab and Muslim, Bone on Bone, Light Verses, Science and Mathematics, Suez Canal all get Emily Bronto's applause

In this issue Bikwil features Arab and Muslim, Bone on Bone, Light Verses, Science and Mathematics, Suez Canal



Contents of Issue 38 (July 2003)
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Look Out! Another Puzzle! Tony Rogers
There's these five houses, see, and . . .
A Word in Your Pink Shell-like Harlish Goop
"While everyone has some idea of the meaning of the word Arab, one could reasonably enquire more closely. What exactly is an Arab? Is the word really a term of ethnicity? Does it solely refer to those whose native language is Arabic? Are there historical as well as geographical connotations?"
H.G. explores the origin, history and meanings of the words Arab and Muslim, together with those of some related words.
Light Verses Bet Briggs
Let's hear it for Adelaide's founder and an auctioneer at his last sale.
Mary Bennet Jennifer Paynter
Part 10 of our serialised novella.

Web Line Tony Rogers
We conclude our visit to some science and mathematics sites.
Bone on Bone Tony Rogers
"Having arrived, I promptly fainted.

I came around with two or three people supporting my slumped form and someone else cooling my forehead with a wash-cloth. All my limbs were limp and woolly, so they had to get me back to bed using their famous Patient Hoist.

After that, things could only improve. Well, almost all things."
Let's talk about our operations.
Quintessential Quirky Quotes
Comic and Classic, from Everywhere and Everywhen
From the Back Verandah Fizzgig
The Suez Canal modern and ancient pomp and circumstance.

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