Light Verses: Founding Fathers, Farewell Sale
[ Issue 38 ]

Light Verses captivate Emily Bronto

For your reading pleasure Bikwil gives you Light Verses

Light Verses: Founding Fathers, Farewell Sale

Bet Briggs here presents two mischievous poems. One concerns the founder of Australian city Adelaide, the other an auctioneer at his last sale.


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Light Verses — Bet Briggs



Founding Fathers

God said:
“Let there be light.”
And there upon the earth was Light,
bright Colonel of the regiment;
beside the Torrens torrent
in 1836 he surveyed
the site and quick to decide
Light said:
“Let here be Adelaide.”
And there Light laid young Adelaide,
then three years later died.

Farewell Sale

The auctioneer said:
“This is my final call,
my last bid is on,
one only to consider,
so I let my hammer fall.
I’m going, going, gone
to the Highest Bidder.”

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