The Back Room
[ Issue 45 ]

The Back Room delights Emily Bronto

Bikwil is pleased to present The Back Room

The Back Room

Bet Briggs' poem The Back Room sings of truant dreams and anonymity..

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The Back Room Bet Briggs


All my life in back rooms,
all my life looking out
in wonder through the glass
on the world and them in light,
unaware of me they pass.
Thankful, I am able to retreat.

With or without a view
a back room is a world
for me of eccentricities,
what truant dreams and thought
spring unhindered there
walled space cannot hold,
they seek and reach for light,
unwilling ever to be held.

No question, I like my back room's
comfort of anonymity,
and better with a view:
a garden and trees to look upon,
in the sanctuary of walled space
I can bring them right in to me,
imbibe the therapy of the green
and open to its inner light.

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