Geography Song
[ Issue 46 ]

Geography Song intrigues Emily Bronto

For your reading pleasure Bikwil gives you Geography Song

Geography Song

John Birkbeck's poem Geography Song recalls the sort of relationship that readers might recognise.

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Geography Song — Bet Briggs



I held your place
in line in front of
The Coffee Jag Café
on half price night
and they were gonna play
those jumpy riffs
just for you
on the snare drums
and you said you
were just going out
for cigarettes and
just as that sank in
I got a postcard from you
with palm trees
and big gaudy red stamps
and a weird alphabet —
you always do that to me
but at least you always
come back and take
your place in line.

[ Publication history of this poem: Arcanum Cafe, Norfolk Poets, SCTV, TV Interview,
ilovepoetry, Free-1,, Poemics, Beyond The Pale, Riverbabble. ]

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